UKIP: The Walking Joke!

Posted: 15 December, 2014 in Comment, Life

What amazing me currently just how blinded a group of the British Electorate by their hate of Europe and immigrants that they are blind to just how much of a joke UKIP truly is!

That is it’s leader, members and supporters are walking jokes with no real policies or unity as a party who are not above making both racist, homophobic and anti-immigrant jokes closely followed by very poor attempts to back track and claim they never made such remarks.

What is very worrying is that a sizeable minority of the British Electorate actually and the major political parties are actually taking these people seriously and even claiming this disorganised rabble of a political party is an alternative and it will lead to new brighter future for the United Kingdom.

If they actually woke up rather than they currently sleep walking through life taking the easy and lazy alternatives they would wake up to the true message of UKIP in so much they preach a litany of hate and bigotry thinly veiled behind a veneer of decency and good old British values.

But as always his minority, much like those in Germany in the 1930s, choose to follow those who promise a flawed better future in which the British people will be put first before those immigrants taking their jobs and national identity. As always those people who blame everyone else for their problems rather than themselves whose actions and behaviours go themselves in trouble in the first place.

This people never take responsibility and find it easier to blame everyone else which frankly not the British way and never has been. They are at variance to the large majority of the British people who in truth are hard working, take responsibility and pride themselves on their tolerance of others.

Myself it is time in this country of our his silent majority start to openly speak against the likes of UKIP and it supporters rather than silently sit by while such groups drag the good name of the United Kingdom through the dirt!

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