Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDXVIII

Posted: 23 November, 2014 in Journal, Life

Over the last few weeks I have been quiet here as I have been slowly working on the new version of my personal social network and setting up my new basic server built from two old computers which were given to me by a friend. Everything has gone well bar a number of set backs due to myself not paying attention to what I was doing.

As always I never cease to amaze myself by the fact I am doing things with computers which I thought I would not be doing some 20 years ago and the only change being I am using Linux and doing something about my depression. It is very nice to get my confidence back after so many years of not having any.

Also over the past few weeks my depression has also been very active making me feel constantly tired and not inclined to do anything even blogging here. I suspect it is the time of year and the fact the weather has become cold which has started to effect me with the additional prospect of Christmas ahead.

As always with retail workers Christmas is not exactly the most pleasant time but most profitable time of year all because people are shopping for Christmas itself. Retail workers always are the brunt of the frustration and anger of shoppers whose Christmas shopping has not go as well as they expected.

Do I find this fair? No, it is far from fair on the poor retail worker as it is not our fault that things for the Christmas shopper has gone wrong and frankly makes this time of year less than pleasant for us. All I can ask the Christmas shoppers think of the poor retail worker who not exactly having best experience of Christmas and it’s shoppers!

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