Misplaced Trivialities!

Posted: 19 November, 2014 in Christmas, Comment, Life

It is that time of year when what people say can really make themselves look so small and trivial with respect to what is currently happening around the world especially those working in businesses which got me really thing about the whole thing.

When you think of it we are surrounded by a world in which people are starving because of ecological disasters most man made, being killed because of their belief, nations are fighting wars or states of cease fire, women are being suppressed and discriminated and my more injustices.

Then I work for and with people who put such things as sales targets, sales figures, league tables and the such as more important than anything else to a point they make peoples lives a misery if they miss any of this which are frankly are such trivial things in the big pictures of things.

It got me thinking about these people in question just how foolish and trivial they sound especially at a time of year when some of us think of people who are less fortunate than ourselves especially those people who are alone at this time of year. That is Christmas which now has become a celebration where families, friends and strangers come together regardless of religion and creed.

It may be than I think too deeply especially about the bigger picture of the world around me but I do see just how such things in reality in the end have no real relevance to the world around us as they are constructs of our society and it’s flaws rather than Universe around us!

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  1. As a addition to this I had the misfortune of encountering some of such petty mind who thought it was a good thing to be verbally aggressive over the trivial matter of bins left in the street.
    Sadly they represent just how trivial and small minded people have become in this modern world!

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