Killing the Magic of Christmas!

Posted: 17 November, 2014 in Christmas, Comment, Life

As always the modern world and modern way of doing business is killing the magic of Christmas replacing it with a festival geared around the commercial race to attract people to buy as many presents from the retailers who fall over themselves to attract the customers.

This has resulted each year over the past decades Christmas for the retailers starts earlier and earlier each year along with their winter sales but now each year the sales simply failing more and more to attract the customers who a simply becoming numb or even excited by Christmas itself.

In the end all the retailers are doing is getting themselves in a vicious circle which has ended up both devaluing Christmas and the Sales they depend on as after all if the customer is always faced by Sale almost constantly through the year. So all the retailers have successfully done is kill off the goose which laid their golden egg as after all Sales used to be those special events for short periods of time scatted throughout the year which attracted customers in to spend money and look for a bargain.

Now why should people even bother with Sales and Christmas itself as after all they can buy bargain any time and even on line so now people simply are not attracted to retail stores especially in Sales and Christmas.

My personal view the retailers should wake up to what they are doing as if they continue down the route of constant sales and starting Christmas earlier and earlier it will eventually make the whole process of sales financially a total waste of time and money for them as they will gain nothing from them including more business.

It is one of those things that retailers should step back and really think about what they are doing and one of those times where they go back to times past when sales and Christmas were more special and were both shorter and more intense time periods.

Sadly no one will listen to likes of myself as all retailers and their executives see is the falling profits from their constant sales and rather than doing what everyone else would do step back and study what is happing, they just put on more sales in faint hope it will cure the problem!

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  1. Michael Snow says:

    Some of the magic of Christmas. I’d be glad to send you the pdf. (email shown you in this comment)

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