Wake Up Mainstream Social Sites!

Posted: 28 October, 2014 in Comment, Computer, Social Web Sites

What I find so funny currently with the major Social Web Sites like Facebook they are starting to invest and look into virtual social networks or they have been in last few years. But if they had actually paying attention to what was going on on the Internet they would find that they are some 10 years too late!

If they had been paying attention they would of noticed that such a virtual world which already has become a virtual social network something the likes of Facebook are striving to create and promote which is called Second Life.

I know that Second Life may of started off with the idea of becoming a game but over it’s 10 year history it has become a social network for a large majority of it’s residents to a point the people within Second Life now met in so called real life even socialise in real life much as they would via the more traditional social networks like Facebook.

It was the residents of Second Life not Linden Lab the owners who changed the nature of what Second Life and Linden Labs were smart enough to allow the residents to do this as they have certainly ensured Second Life future and place as the future of Social Networks themselves.

As I keep point out myself and likes of Facebook are waking up far too late to the fact virtual worlds like Second Life are the true future of social networks especially when the technology which allows people to immerse themselves in the virtual worlds themselves. At which point Second Life and Linden Labs are already well ahead of the game to take advantage of such technologies.

I have always found socializing within virtual worlds likes of Second Life far more rewarding and easier as it tends to be a more instant socializing over the internet and not the bitty/broken socializing that traditional social networks provide. Add to this the rich virtual worlds created by the residents themselves are far more stimulating to the senses.

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