Sleep Walkers!

Posted: 25 October, 2014 in Comment, Life

The only way I can describe a lot of the people around me is sleep walkers as they seam to live their life asleep to what is going on around them even close to home. They never question anything they are told by those in authority, media even their peers almost as if they are too lazy to care or do anything about it.

So around me the world goes to sleep and it shows in a world which does not move forward any more if anything all we get as new things which are rehashes of older things and not exactly new and people just accept this as normal.

The world currently is sleep walking into the future which currently just looks much the same as the present which will just end up a rehash.

Though there are those people who are awake but mostly they are among those who want to take advantage of the fact the world and it’s people have gone asleep and become rich and powerful. Though they still seam to be asleep lacking a real imagination themselves ironically.

This may seam a very dark picture of the world but just do the same as done every few while just look and take in the world around you and you will be surprised just how static the modern world has become and how the people around you seam to sleep walk through life.

Though out there it is not all bad as you will notice those people who are still awake and they are easily see as those people who still have opinions and they will voice them. They are the colourful people who stand out from the crowd who are most definitely individuals.

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  1. Juliet Jon says:

    Very accurate! This reminds me of socrates’s quote “the unexamined life is not worth living”. It is sad to see people blinded by their own mind.

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