Oxwall Was a Failure in the End!

Posted: 20 October, 2014 in Computer, Open Source, Oxwall, Software

After yet another bad experience with updating Oxwall and it plugins, I finally abandoned my Oxwall based small social next work to replace it with a WordPress based small social network based around Buddypress.

I was very disappointed with Oxwall as other than that it certainly did it’s job and easy to set up but the maintenance problems it had spoilt it’s usability to a point it was more trouble to use. I think what did not help Oxwall were it’s lack of control of the quality of it’s plugins, especially the useful ones, which certainly detracted from it’s usability.

I am replacing it with a WordPress based small social network basically because WordPress plugins seemly more controlled and vetted by WordPress which means from my experience the updating and maintenance of the plugins is a lot easier and less troubled by major faults and issues.

Oxwall in the end may be a good idea for small social networks but due to it’s lack of quality control of it’s plugins spoilt it to a point it is difficult to maintain over time which is great shame!

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  1. Mark says:

    This is my personal opinion : Oxwall sucks and is a scam. They KNOW they can make a good cms if they want to, but they are the same scammers that make crap dating software skalfa (read all the joy when you google skalfa) but they don’t make it good for ONE REASON. They make a crap CMS that does not work right so that you can HIRE THEM TO FIX IT. Check out their ads on their own site for programmers to fix things. “Premium SUPPORT” When you are a newbie you are dumb and you cant program you think “hey this is great”. They PURPOSELY MAKE IT SO IT WONT WORK ON MOBILE. Can you imagine not being able to send messages on a mobile phone? They added a mobile version and it DOES NOT WORK TO SEND MESSAGES. You will spend your life buying plugins that don’t work with each other, dont work at all, wont be visible on mobile, and buying crap themes that don’t work with the plugins and reading their forums which always amount to people never getting problems solved. By the time you get done hiring them and paying for plugins and hiring other developers to fix things and having problems with their crap updates that make things even worse than they were before, you might as well hire a programming team! They get you hooked in and then when you have a community, they know you don’t want to lose all that work so they know you are desperate. What a great scam, Why sell software for 600.00 to 2000.00 when they can give it away for free, pre broken, then as you start to realize all the things you need, they will charge you for it.

    This is a drop in the bucket of the problems:

    1 Limited to 31 drop downs. This means if you want to have each country and city there when people sign up FORGET IT.
    2. Looking for a zipcode radius search? FORGET IT DATABASE NO CAN DO. (but you will notice their dating software that has terrible reviews can do it)
    3. No good moderator plugins.
    4. Does not work with ANY SMART PHONE ON EARTH. You want to send messages to other users on a smart phone you might as well use telepathy.
    5. Hardly anyone makes plug ins for it, and the ones that are decent are almost useless. When they do work, they conflict, and then the geniuses at oxwall tell you to contact the developer that made the plugin, who usually wont get back to you. Want a good payment gateway for authorize.net? Forget it. Want anything decent? Dream on.
    6. Missing almost everything that is needed as a basic social networking site, but you can buy a plug in that hardly works or hire them to fix the problem
    7. They don’t want you to remove the stupid label on the bottom that says powered by oxwall because it is disrespectful of all their hard work. You know what is disrespectful? Making a crap free CMS and then CHARGING people to fix it. Why not just make it NICE in the first place and then sell it at a nice price and make people happy?

    You know why?

    Because you will end up spending HUNDREDS on plugins, THOUSANDS IN FEES FIXING THINGS THAT ARE PRE BROKEN, THOUSANDS MORE ON SERVER FEES ( that they will happen to help host, and MILLIONS in programming by the time you are done.

    If you want a small CMS for a girl scout troop or people that don’t use smart phones you got it made.

    Well done Oxwall.

    But No thanks.

    • Boy were the updates interesting especially when they preceded to destroy the oxwall site.
      Though what I am discovering is that WordPress/BuddyPress can also be a big buggy at times or some plugins simply do not work as you expect and you have to work around them.
      But at least WordPress/BuddyPress does not destroy itself if update is done or a plugin does not work as it should which is most definitely a bonus. 🙂