Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDXIII

Posted: 20 October, 2014 in Journal, Life

After feeling sorry for myself earlier tonight after a particularly bad day at work not due to customers but work in general due to a them and us atmosphere being created by the management themselves which in the end going to cause a big issue sooner than later.

Myself I am getting to a point of allowing them to continue as one team at work which I am part of is very effective and profitable while the other is getting less effective and useful to the store in general. As in the end I will be telling the management I told you so when they start losing much needed people in the business and through their actions they will not have anyone effective enough to replace them.

I promise not to laugh at them but it seams the short sighted bug has reached work as in rest of the country and as the rest of the country they will reap what they sow while those of us who are little brighter who can see the bigger picture will just end up laughing at them.

But hey I have remembered the job is just a way to earn money and I am really good at my job or any job especially when I put my mind to it. Add to this the people at work need me more than I need my job and them as I said above they have sort of put al the eggs in one basket.

Though I am getting more and more fed up that work is needlessly stressing me out to the detriment of my home life even if it is only part of my week not all my week. I have to learn again to not allow work to screw up my home life something which too me a long time to do last time but always worth the effort.

One good thing is tonight the stress of work has got me writing this blog which in itself is not too bad if it is a little rough.

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