Where Did the Sense of Wonder Go?

Posted: 19 October, 2014 in Comment, Life

The saddest thing to see in this modern world of ours is the lack and any true sense of wonder from the people around me. It is as if the modern world has bred it or beaten it out of them never to return. I know that children always have a sense of wonder when young but it now quickly disappears as they get older.

What does not help this the situation of a modern world around us which both discourages and overloads the sense of wonder especially in a media which both discourages this sense and imagination. This all made worse by a society which is simply indifferent to the world around it and more than ever self-centred and geared to more selfish needs of the individual.

So we end up with a modern world which lacks one of the basic things needed to move forward a basic sense of wonder after all without this no one is ever going to explore or think about the world around them even just sit in happy amazement about the world itself.

This lack of sense of wonder results in a modern world which frankly is bland, mundane and if anything stagnant in so many ways even scientifically and socially. I find it very sad and feel sorry for those people who allowed the world around them rob them of their sense of wonder.

But there are still those of us out there who still have our sense of wonder and still know how to use it. I still find myself sitting watching the modern world with a sense of amazement and wonderment of what we have achieved especially the more positive aspects of it!

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