The Same Old Same Old Politics!

Posted: 3 October, 2014 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

Once again the General Election here in the United Kingdom is almost upon us and once again all the political parties are peddling the same old message that somehow business and the rich will once again save the country. Though this time they are also peddling the message they will make the life of poorly paid easier and reduce taxes.

This strangely was exactly the same message all the parties peddled at the last General Election though without the background of the so called credit crunch but now in a background of a world economy which is slowly recovering.

Though this time with the presence of United Kingdom Independence Party there is more of a sinister nationalistic undertone though the party in question is yet another version of the Conservative party with more of an anti-European and more pro-rich platform.

So once again we here in United Kingdom are going to be assailed by all the major political parties with the exactly the same empty promises they have given the Electorate here for decades. Not one political party, including United Kingdom Independence Party, has come up with one new radical policy or new way to break the cycle of boom and bust our economy has suffered over past decades so our country move forward not be stuck in the same cycle.

Then all the major political parties wonder why the Electorate here are not engaged with politics any more with them trying to sell them the same old tired promises. What makes it worse the political parties seam incapable and so remote from the Electorate they cannot change their messages.

There must be a growing number of people like myself in the United Kingdom who are screaming for something different and new on the political landscape as we are getting bored and fed up of the same old same old messages from the major political parties!

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