Westminster is Being Deceptive Again!

Posted: 30 September, 2014 in Comment, Government, Life, United Kingdom

Once again the MP at Westminster, especially the Conservative Party, are being deceptive again focusing on something happening in the Middle East in the hope the British people take their minds off what has just happened in Scotland.

I am talking about the actions of ISIS both in Syria and Iraq which we are being told by our government is a direct threat to our security in so much they could be responsible for yet another terrorist threat to the United Kingdom. Anyone who has been remotely awake for the last 50 years in this country we as a nation have been under the constantly under the threat of terrorist attack from various quarters which included the IRA which actually did actually have a bombing campaign in the United Kingdom.

We already have the laws and intelligence services in place to cope with such terrorist threats in this country and they have been in place and very effective for decades as in recent history the number of terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom have dropped to nothing in recent decades. Plus the intelligence services have been effective at capturing terrorists even potential terrorists and bringing them to justice.

So basically ISIS and it’s terrorists are not a direct threat to the United Kingdom yet or ever likely to be in the near future and the only reason they even got a foothold in the region of the Middle East was because of the instability caused by the actions of Israel and United States in the region else ISIS would of never expanded as fast as they did.

Anyone with the little intelligence here in United Kingdom should wake up why the MPs and Conservative Party are so focused and getting us focused on the so called threat from ISIS as it is to distract us from the fact we just had a vote on independence of Scotland and the people of the regions want more automaton from Westminster and it’s establishment itself.

Plus both the MP and establishment want to use this an excuse to restrict our freedoms here again under the guise of new anti-terrorist laws to fight this new threat from ISIS. Those of you who had been awake and paying attention for last few years, I’ll repeat this to hammer it home, we have had effective laws and security service which has successfully countered such terrorist groups here in the United Kingdom.

All I can say to people around me do not fall for Westminster’s and Conservative Party’s focus on a preserved threat of ISIS, stick to your guns and not allow them to distract you from the real issues of this country which is the creation of a government which actually works and is more answerable to the people of the United Kingdom even if this means more autonomy for the regions or a creation of a Republic.

Wake up people to what Westminster and the Conservative Party are up too before you wake up one day to nasty realisation all you hard won freedoms your forefathers fought so hard to keep!

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  1. I agree we have under terrorist attack for many years, and have resources in place..use them instead if creating yet more laws, that at times seem ineffective. Moreover stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

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