Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDVII

Posted: 30 September, 2014 in Journal, Life

Last few days have not been the best for me regardless that something around me are going better around me in so much we got some old computer hardware which we can use for new computers here. I know this sounds trivial to anyone else but people who know me will know it is a big thing for both of us here.

But inside my own head currently feels like the world around me is shattering and becoming distance from me again because of certain things which have occurred around me which I will not go into here which have meant I feel alone inside again.

I know this sounds very negative but as always I will have good and bad days as I come out of a down caused by my depression and this weekend was one of those times when I went through a minor down.

On a more positive note we have found a group here who walk their dogs as a group on a field next to the castle in my home town which has meant both ourselves and dogs now get some social contact with people with people locally even if it is for a few hours every few while. This will help both myself, partner and dogs as we all get some social contact and start to feel generally better in ourselves. In my case add yet another connection to the world around me so I do not fall inside myself again and allow the depression to take me over again.

As for work it just goes on it’s merry way with the people shooting themselves in the feet in various spectacular ways and speeding towards a precipice in total ignorance. But that reflects our modem world of work and life in which people constantly avoid issues and rocking the boat regardless!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal scrapbook of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

Please Note: If you are interested in my home page just follow the link to Experiment No. 3.

Please Note: If you are interested in my small social network just follow the link to On the Other Side!.


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