A Personal View of the Union’s Future!

Posted: 30 September, 2014 in Comment, Government, Life, United Kingdom

After the Scottish Referendum here in the United Kingdom it has got me thinking about the future of the United Kingdom especially with the actions of the Westminster Government and the establishment which literary bullied the Scottish into voting for the Union by using blatant scare tactics.

In the end I am starting to question why we are allowing ourselves being governed by a government and establishment based in Westminster which put it’s own interests before the people it supposed to serve and pays for it through their taxes.

Once again the Scottish Referendum highlighted yet again that government and the establishment in Westminster has become remote from the people it serves and high time we need reform how we are governed here as it is simply not working and damaging the country and it’s capacity to be both economic and political power in the world!

My personal view on the back of the feeling of the Scottish Referendum we as people should make sure that Westminster firstly does not water down the promises it made to give Scotland for more autonomy. Then once this has been sorted out for those of us in the regions of England to demand more autonomy themselves from Westminster itself as it has constantly failed to serve the regions interests over the past decades putting London and the areas around it first.

Plus if we push for a more decentralized government it will finally bring government back to being closer to the people it serves and break the hold the establishment has had on the government of the United Kingdom. Something we need to do if we are to move forward as a country rather than just to looked at by rest of the world as that quaint little country which is allowed to help the United States every few while.

If this actually happens who knows but if enough people like myself start to think like this and get more vocal in media and elsewhere there is a possibility someone will start to listen. But after the Sottish Referendum we have to keep one eye on Westminster government and establishment which will do anything to keep such sentiments being voiced openly!

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