Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDV

Posted: 20 September, 2014 in Journal, Life

Last two days at work have been busy to a point that I almost wanted to walk out of the job as it really not worth the minimum wage they are paying me. Then I thought the store where I work lost myself and three others they have no one, I mean no one, trained to run a Tech Desk, deal with customer issues and returns. Just show how narrowly trained the new people who work for the store now which is to the detriment to the store itself. It’s only going to take one more of these four people to go and they will be in trouble big time!

But as always in our modern times companies cut their own throats in an effort to make as much profit with as little personal as possible. Though as always likes of myself laugh or say I told you so when the companies go belly up.

Tonight I am having a quiet evening contemplating the last two days of a 7 day run of shifts with some relief as I can finally rest in 3 days time. Though even on that day I am busy with two Doctors/Specialist appointments but at leas the rest of the day will be mine.

Other than that my world has started to settle again outside of work mainly because I am tired and as always waiting inspiration to write something again as always. But I am learning to be patient waiting for the next strike of inspiration rather than getting frustrated about the waiting for the next strike. All part of learning to live with my depression.

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