British Business Have Shown Its True Loyalty!

Posted: 20 September, 2014 in Comment, Life, United Kingdom

What has become very apparent from the Scottish Independence Reference is the true loyalties of both the Bank and Major Corporations of the United Kingdom and it is not the United Kingdom but profit and money pure and simple.

They have also shown they will do anything to keep the United Kingdom together hence their profits of their Executives and Owners even openly bullying the Scottish to vote no by threatening to leave Scotland if it left the Union. This behaviour in a modern society is totally unacceptable and my personal opinion both the Banks and Major Corporations should face questioning about their actions especially their Executives and Owners.

But as always they will get away with this behaviour as the government in Westminster will quietly sweep it under the carpet as these people pay them to keep quiet. But we as a people should start to embarrass the government in Westminster and the people in question and start to ask them to justify their actions.

My personal view these people and organizations in question should face justice for their actions as they put themselves before the country and showed they were disloyal to the Union and it’s people added their actions were both immortal and unacceptable in a modern country.

I know I sound like an idealist but I believe it is time idealists like myself within the United Kingdom started to stand up and be counted especially now as the Scottish Referendum is great opportunity for people to voice their opinions even outside of Scotland!

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