What a Shallow World We Live In!

Posted: 15 September, 2014 in Comment, Life, Society

Today I did my shopping around town which does involve a lot of walking and carrying of stuff so myself and my partner use a wheeled shopping trolley to carry our shopping around town as it makes shopping so much easier for us both. At our end gone are the days when I am being a macho man and killing off my hands and arms trying to hump a load of shopping in my hands.

This to some people out there seams like a very uncool thing to do after all wheeled shopping trolleys are for the old and I was told so by someone at work as I popped in to do something at work which I could not do in the end.

Their remark made me think that who was the bigger fool me pulling a wheeled trolley around or them for making such trivial remark that it did not look cool that I had the trolley with me?

I suspect you know the answer already it was the person who make the remark in so much they put how they looked to other people before simple practicalities of carrying a lot of shopping around town.

It also highlighted just how shallow people have become in our modern world worrying more about how people preceptive them before themselves and comfort.

Then there a people like myself who really care little about what people think about me and put myself and simple practicalities before what people think of me. In the end I tend to be the happier person as I am not worrying about trivial matters of how I am perceived by people and simply get on and enjoy my life happier that I have been truer to myself!

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