The Sorry State of the Union!

Posted: 15 September, 2014 in Comment, Life, Scottish independence, United Kingdom

On September 18th here in the United Kingdom the Scottish will have a referendum asking whether they want independence or not and currently it looks like they will vote for independence!

In the rest of the United Kingdom the only people who seam to be worried about this situation is the government in Westminster, business leaders and establishment in London even to a point they are openly bulling the Scottish not to vote for independence. This is likely to have the opposite effect and push the Scottish to vote for independence as frankly what these people are doing is disgusting and underhand.

Outside of this group no one else in the rest of the United Kingdom seam to simply not care that a union some 300 years old could be broken on 18th September. If anything it is being met by total apathy from the general public who simply don’t care as they do not see it effecting them at all. This really shows just how little the general public of the United Kingdom care for their country and how self centred they have become!

Myself this once again highlights the gap between the government/establishment and the people it serves to a point they put their own self serving and power before the people themselves to a point they will bully people to follow their views. This all made worse by general public whose apathy allows the government/establishment to do this preferring a quiet selfish life regardless of the fact the government/establishment is slowing eroding their freedom and self determination.

My personal view is I hope that Scotland votes for independence as once the effects and realisation of its effects on the United Kingdom will wake up the general public out of their apathy and wake up just how poorly they have been governed by the government/establishment over the years.

After all they have risked the union of the United Kingdom and had the arrogance of believing the Scottish would never vote for independence or think about it. Then because the Scottish had the front to vote for independence they proceeded to bully both the Scottish government and people to stop them voting for independence showing their true colours and contempt of the people they are supposed to serve!

In the end regardless of the outcome of the vote it looks like Scotland will get more autonomy even if it says part of the United Kingdom so for them the vote has become a win win situation and fair play to them as they are an independent nation already be it part of a Union.

The only people who will end up with egg on their faces will be the members of the government/establishment and business who opposed the vote for Scottish Independence who have shown their true colours and contempt they hold for the general public of the United Kingdom in so much they put their own businesses and interests before that of the general public. Also the fact they have bullied and spread scare stories in an effort to scare the Scottish not to vote for independence and the fact they thought bullying was an acceptable behaviour in a modern society. Frankly any bullying is never acceptable at what ever level!

I have a hope that this whole vote wakes up the general public from it’s apathy and once and for all actually look into how they are governed from Westminster and London especially by government/establishment which puts its own interests and power before the people.

Though I suspect the people of the United Kingdom either way will go back to it’s old ways of only caring for themselves and not the country though it would be nice to be proved wrong for once!

Myself after the current behaviour of the government/establishment in Westminster and London has confirmed it it high time there should be a change in the way we are governed and pushing me more in the direction of a Republic and the abolition of the monarchy here in the United Kingdom as it represents a government/establishment which is out of step with the people it serves!

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