Journal of a Lost Soul Part CDI

Posted: 15 September, 2014 in Journal, Life

Last day of two days off before a long run of 7 days of shifts which strangely I am indifferent about as work is slowly getting less and less important in my life and things out side are starting to become far more important.

Currently that is my blogging and thinking about my new role-playing background both of which keep me busy and my imagination active something which is much needed at the moment after months of it being locked inside me.

I am still fighting my depression on a daily basis but the battles are getting easier to cope with both for myself and people around me. Though currently it does not help that I am surrounded by people who are very shallow indeed who tend to aggravate my depression with their unthinking and frankly pointless remarks over such trivial matters they are beneath my contempt!

At least today I can do some constructive things and get other things sorted out which include tidying up the garden something a few months ago I would not even thought or want to do it is amazing what happens when I fight my depression as my life starts to get what is commonly known as normal.

Though currently I have bee in my bonnet about the Scottish Independence Vote not because of it is happening but because of what is happening in the rest of the United Kingdom where it is either met with total hostility from business leaders or total apathy from the general public. Either way the vote goes this Thursday the English are going to come out of it badly as they have shown their true colours which from where I stand makes England a very ugly place indeed.

So life goes on as I slowly rebuild it again and think of a new and better direction for it!

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  1. Nice post ! Thank you for sharing this 😊

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