Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCLXXXVI

Posted: 7 September, 2014 in Journal, Life

I am enjoying the fact I am being creative regardless of the fact it is a slow process at the moment mainly because I am doing as I feel like it or get the inspiration. All this helped by myself finally stopping myself worrying about fact I am not being creative to a point of beating myself up or getting frustrated about it. I did something similar when I could not sleep and in the end I now sleep better and not worry if my sleep patterns are little strange as long as I feel I have enough sleep.

It’s always the way to fight my depression teach myself not to worry about things other than those things I can actually do something about and it works for me.

The upshot of this a new role-playing world is slowing coming to life in my imagination and currently small bits of notes or musings which I am publishing on one of my journals. It still an enjoyable process as the ideas start flowing especially when I get to the stage of putting the various musings into proper documents describing the world.

This is something I have always done since I was a child created imaginary worlds though then I did not have an outlet as it was before Role-Playing was existed. I suspect there are people out there who still think what I am doing is very immature but they forget that writers do the same and you are never too old to have flights of fancy and the imagination.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal scrapbook of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

Please Note: If you are interested in my home page just follow the link to Experiment No. 3.

Please Note: If you are interested in my small social network just follow the link to On the Other Side!.


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