Imagination is a Dirty Word!

Posted: 7 September, 2014 in Comment, imagination, Life

It seems in our modern world since my childhood that imagination is a dirty word something to be ashamed of rather than proud of!

This is something I have been passionate about since my teenage years as during my schooling years I always got the feeling both from my peers and teachers that I should be shamed of having an imagination as it was very childish thing to have and had no real place in a modern world.

Though when I went to University this was all blown out of the water when I discovered Role-Playing which finally allowed my imagination to roam free and follow the flight of fancies I was denied when I was younger.

But the world around me never changed as I grew up if anything it has grown worse with a media which discouraged the imagination to a point they produce films and television series which frankly have poor story lines which spoon feed the viewer rather than get them thinking. Though the only thing which has remained the same are books which is something which can never be changed.

Add to this people around me in general still regard imagination as a dirty word and still regarded as immature and childish which frankly is so wrong view to have and shows in a modern world which looks generally grey and frankly boring now.

My personal opinion imagination is not a dirty word, even as adult, but something healthy and we need to be human. By ourselves suppressing our imaginations under the pretence it is childish we are doing both ourselves and society irreversible damage!

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