Getting Angry About Small Minded World!

Posted: 3 September, 2014 in Comment, Life, Society

More I read and watch on the media and the internet the more I am getting angry with a world who collective mind is getting more small minded, trivial and self centred. All made worse because people believe such behaviour is totally acceptable in a modern progressive society!

It is the fact that people around me accept this as normal state of affairs which frankly it is not as such behaviour has never had a place in a civilized society and always leads to people being hurt and killed.

In the West we are angry with the actions of Islamic States in Iraq, which is disgusting and appalling, but we turn a blind eye to other behaviours in our own society which can be regarded as equally disgusting and appalling though people are not killed.

I am talking open bigotry by people both in United Kingdom and United States, especially Christians, against Muslims, homosexuals and even those people who do not follow what they consider the norm that is Atheists, Pagans and Wicans. In some cases this has lead to violence not quite as extreme but still presence as any violence even how small is bad and unacceptable!

All this fed by an establishment who want to make such people villains all in an effort to keep their power and privilege all made worse that people are actually allowing them to do this. I suspect in the West people have got lazy and apathetic and allowed themselves to become small minded because it easier than the alternative of actually thinking for themselves!

Do I expect someone out there to read this and sort of wake up what is happening around them and do something different?

No, as this small minded attitude is so ingrained in our society now people do it without thinking and seam incapable of changing their attitudes any more. I know I am being hard on people around me but after my life so far I have grown very cynical about the people around me and their ability to actually change or think for themselves.

Though not all the people I have met through my life have been like this but they have always been the exceptions!

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