I Am Mr Nobody Sometimes!

Posted: 1 September, 2014 in Comment, depression

Just sometimes my depression robs me of my own identity and feeing of actually feeling like a human being to a point I am nobody. Though this not helped by the fact that people define me by what I do or where I come from rather than me myself.

This is done in an unthinking manor by people around me because our modern culture has gone backwards in so much the way of defining people by their age, profession and nationality especially within the media in general.

But this does have effect on people like myself who suffer depression in so much at the height of our depressions things like age, professions and nationality really have little meaning as the depression lock ourselves inside ourselves. This means such definitions are remote and unreal things to the suffer of depression so it further disconnects them from the world around them.

In the end it can make the person who has depression feel like a Mr Nobody and unimportant because such concepts are so remote from the core of themselves.

There is an irony to this as the person learns to live with their depression things like age, profession and nationality become unimportant again because as the person suffering depression comes out of it they gain a very firm idea of who they are and figure out it is more important to define themselves by themselves rather than unimportant things like age and the such!

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