Social Networks: Big is Not Always Beautiful!

Posted: 23 August, 2014 in Computer, Twitter, World Wide Web

I think I have said this before about the fact that smaller and less centralised social networks are far more personal and on a human scale than the larger global social networks. But I thought I would repeat that as I am leaving Twitter finally after a weeks deliberation and thoughts of it real usefulness to my life in general.

One conclusion I have come to about the global social networks like Facebook, Twitter and the such is that big is not always beautiful or functional in the case of social networks.

At the start such social networks served a real useful function of bringing people together over the internet and served a real beneficial function of creating real communities on the internet. But as they have grown they have become far too big to a point now they cannot function as they did in the early days in so much they have become far too impersonal and difficult for one individual to comprehend the sheer scale of the social network itself.

In the end the size of these social networks has destroyed there usefulness as social networks as people in every day life really only deal with relatively few people on a daily basis and cannot really cope of copperhead the sheer number of people on such large social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

My personal view the future of social networks should not be the monoliths like Facebook or Twitter but more decentralized social networks which work on a far more smaller and manageable level so people can cope and comprehend what is going on the social networks in question.

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