Starting to Question Twitter’s Usefulness!

Posted: 18 August, 2014 in Computer, Twitter, World Wide Web

I have started to question just how useful and usable Twitter is as both social web site and place to get news as now it is starting to become a place much like Facebook has become full of useless trivial remarks, useless information and worse of all becoming a place where people troll, bully and abuse other people. Add to this even with the people I follow or follow me can also be accused of spreading hate and most definitely distorted and uninformed propaganda to promote their causes almost at any cost.

What really got me thinking especially recently was the fact that Robin William’s daughter had to leave Twitter because of the abuse from trolls and basically unthinking, vindictive people who thought it was quite acceptable to throw abusive remarks and pictures at her.

I have been slowly backing away from Twitter in past few year or so to a point now I really only now use it to post links to my blog and much like Facebook before it, it has not generated that many hits on my blog other than it distorts the actual number of followers I have on my blog by including my Twitter users as my blog followers.

I must not only one who is starting to question the validity of the large social networks like Facebook and Twitter to be called social networks any more and I must not be only one to notice they have become places where people, companies and groups either out to sell their products, promote their political views even spread their messages of hate and intolerance.

Twitter much like Facebook before it is starting to fail as a social network much as did Facebook has done before it in so much it now not what you call a social network any more which promotes social interaction which makes it’s very existence in it’s present form very questionable indeed.

But unlike Facebook I will think long and hard about if I leave Twitter as it may be failing like Facebook but it is not as bad as Facebook yet!

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