The Modern World Thrives on the Negative!

Posted: 16 August, 2014 in Comment, Life, Society

From my own observations of the world through social networks on line to daily interaction of people our modern world seams to thrive on the negative be it hate, anger, discrimination and even ignorance. Everyone around me accept this as the normal state of affairs and very acceptable regardless of the fact such behaviour has never been acceptable in any civilised society in the past decades.

It is as if people do not care any more to lazy to do something about it to a point they just go along with everyone else in spreading such negative views, opinions and the such. Some are just pain stupid to believe and not question what is told them.

So now we have surrounded ourselves in a world full of hate, anger and discrimination driven by a media which feeds off it and people who are the targets of such negative thought and actions are now starting to suffer or even die because of this negativity.

And what do people do about it?

Nothing just sit there making the right noises but in the background still feed the hate, anger and discrimination which caused the deaths in the first place on top of which never taking responsibility for their own actions.

People simply find it easier to have negative and destructive thoughts in our modern world as positive thoughts would mean they would have to do something and actually be sociable to other human beings.

When the hate, anger and discrimination visits their own lives all I will say you made your own bed as you did nothing when it happened to others so why should you now expect some to lift a finger to help you?

I know this is a hard attitude but I am slowly getting fed up of large majority of the people around me because their inaction and lack of caring is killing off a once rich society leaving in place a grey shadow full of fear, hate and death!

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