Robin Williams Death is a Reminder!

Posted: 12 August, 2014 in Comment, depression, Life

The death of Robin Williams may be a very sad thing but it is also a reminder of how depression can effect it suffers and even in extreme cases the suffer feels the need to take their lives because the illness has made them feel so hopeless regardless of their circumstances that surround them.

I know there will be those out there who will say Robin Williams is both a coward and selfish because he committed suicide because of the effect his death will have on those around him but these people have totally failed to understand that depression is an illness.

That it is an illness which makes no sense to those who have never suffered it effects or had to live with it constantly. It takes so much away from the suffer even the will to live, enjoy life even to a point the suffer can look so normal and happy on the outside while full of self doubt, loathing and even hating themselves inside. It is illness which robs it’s suffer of their confidence, self esteem even lose the ability to relate to those around them.

Though it does have another side in so much it can make the person very manic, creative even funny because of the constant mental pain they suffer. This all heightened by the fact people with depression, especially when they are fighting their depression, learn far more about themselves and how their mind works because the suffer has to to learn how to control or live with their depression.

Robin Williams death is sad but as someone who also suffers depression, be it much milder, reminds me of just how a ruthless and insidious illness depression can be to it suffer.

I do not think Robin Williams was a coward or selfish committing suicide if anything it takes a lot of courage to take your life even in the fit of depression and highlights just how strong people suffering depression can be compared to those who do not. I am sad that the illness took him from us as we may of lost a man suffering inside but we also lost a comedic talent who brought both light and laughter to a world which could do with more.

As I final comment even at the height of my depression I myself thought I had nothing to live for and wanted to die in my sleeps so I would not have to face the world again because my depression had painted such a dark picture of my life and convinced me I was a failure. But I never got so down that I could actually take my life though at times I would of welcomed death which in itself is a scary thought.

For those of you who have never suffered depression I doubt if you will ever really understand these feeling or why they occur.

So I wish Robin Williams a good bye and thank you for all the light you brought to the world!

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