Just to Prove a Point!

Posted: 8 August, 2014 in Comment, Life, Work

As always with my life over the last month at work I have proved a point that you do not have to be aggressive, hard nosed and hard salesman to sell people things or make money in a retail environment.

I have in the last month have helped to turn around the fortunes of a Tech Desk in a retail store from being a mediocre performer which just got it’s targets to a Tech Desk which regulatory get it’s targets to a point it will get noticed by other stores.

I’m not blowing my trumpet here, though someone has to as most people around me still have a nasty habit of treating me as stupid even unknowingly, but the fact they way I have done it, As I said above I have not done it by being aggressive, a hard nosed salesman or even selling or charging for things customer did not need!

But by a positive attitude towards my job and customers combined with a professional attitude, honesty and transparency towards my customers. Though I combine this with attitude I am there to sell my and my colleagues skills with computers and I am not afraid to ask for the money as after all we are there to make money which is something not to be embarrassed about or should be embarrassed about.

Add to this that I have the fact I always want to give the customer the best service I can with the tools and backup I have been given which sadly not as good as it should be plus one thing I never do is treat a customer as stupid even when they have been. Basically I treat them as I would be liked to be treated in a retail environment.

The most important thing I am doing it for me firstly not the company not my managers as it strangely gives me pleasure and satisfaction that I have a good job as it has always been because of the way I was brought up.

The biggest shame in all this that not everyone who works in a similar environments have the same attitudes when doing their work as they can put money before customers as one example which sadly shows in poor customer experiences.

Oh, there is a final point I am never going to like all my customers and I am grown up enough to know there will be those people who even when we do everything right will always find something wrong but that is all very normal part of life.

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