Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCLXXIX

Posted: 6 August, 2014 in Journal, Life

Once again the unthinking actions of someone more concerned with his own position and making money than actually caring about the people has started off my obsessive thinking yet again and to put in mildly I am now very angry with them!

What makes it worse he had a go at the two people at work on the Tech desk who are actually making the company money unlike others who currently losing money and have bad behaviours on the Tech desk which the person in question has failed to do anything about.

I suspect the person in question believes myself and other person in question are weak people who are easy to tell off though he learnt yesterday that we are not and I was stupid enough to apologize to him when I should not as he was in the wrong I was not.

Today I am going to get the point across to him I am doing what I am at work due to professional and personal pride with my heart in the right place in so much I put the customers first. Plus I really do not care for both himself and companies attitude plus I doing what I am doing at work for me not the company or him.

Personally I dislike people like the person in question who put money and status before anything else as it shows a real lack of character and empathy for people. Plus in our modern world they are real source of lot of our problems in our modern world as their attitude is very selfish and self centred.

Well I am back to ranting again but as always when I write something down it magically leaves my mind and exorcise my demons a little which is always a good thing.

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