A Common Misconception About Facebook!

Posted: 5 August, 2014 in Computer, Facebook, World Wide Web

The funniest moment yesterday is when some of my colleagues actually thought people socialise on likes of Facebook!

Well it just shows the real lack of skills some of my colleagues have with social interactions if they really think people socialise on Facebook as from personal experience on Facebook the last thing people actually do is socialise there any more.

If anything a large majority of people on Facebook just talk about themselves and the good things about their lives to anyone who will actually listen to them or give them any attention even how small. Few actually have what I would call real meaningful conversions about anything unless it some trivial matter which could be better talked about else where.

Add to this a large amount of self serving people who are simply there to promote themselves, their political views and even businesses which sort colours any conversions there to either a stream of propaganda promoting their views rather than actually holding a real conversation or social interaction with anyone there.

The most damning thing about Facebook is simply those people there who are simply there to throw abuse, spread lies and hate to anyone gullible to listen to them or even verbally attack anyone with vile and sicking abuse who dares to disagree with their points of view.

What worries me is that people using Facebook regularly think this behaviour in any social media is totally acceptable thing and always they give the simple answer you can always block someone if they gets abusive. But, it is a big but, that does not solve this fundamental flaw of Facebook that people both and run Facebook allow these people to peddle their hate, sick and abusive views to continue.

Just because it is online these people seem to forget they are dealing with real people, real issues and what they type there will effect anyone. It is as if users of Facebook use the fact that it is online as an excuse to not take any responsibility for what they type and the way it effect others.

I will repeat this until it sinks into the large majority of Facebook users we would not accept such behaviour in face to face social interactions so why do we accept such behaviour over social networks as it is still wrong and abuse of other people rights, sensibilities even in some case simple out and out bullying!

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