It’s Not My Fault!

Posted: 4 August, 2014 in Comment, Life, Society

All we hear from governments, corporations and ever other people in our society when something goes wrong in our modern society. It is as if no one wants to take any responsibility when things go wrong any more and blame everyone else but themselves.

We now certainly live in a blame culture in the Western World even down to our media who seam to blame everyone than ourselves who created the situations in the first place. It has been too easy to blame rather than solve the problems yet another refection just how lazy Western Society has become as it is easier than actually tackling the issues head on as we should.

Here in the United Kingdom it is easier for large group of the general public including the young to blame the immigrants for taking their jobs and rowing them on the dole but rather than knuckling down and actually getting a job or finding a way to make money or living.

Then we wonder why nothing ever gets done or changes in our society because no one will take responsibility for their own actions at all levels of society rather than face the issues which face our society in general something we need to do for our society to move forward.

But until we wake up to this we as a whole will keep saying it’s not my fault and things will never change!

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