Windows 9 Still is Not Going to be the Answer!

Posted: 26 July, 2014 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft

When it comes out I still think that Windows 9 will still not be answer to the prayers to the current Windows xp users even with the return of the menu, start button and real desktop as it will still be Windows 8 in the background with all it’s associated problems. That is it’s associated problems with updates, security and customization which have always been part of Windows 8.

I suspect that Windows 9 will not cure any of the current security and associated software problems plus I suspect even with Microsoft’s claim the foot print of the operating system is going to be smaller it’s hardware requirements will still be bigger than any other operating system on the market including Apple.

So once again users will have to spend more on their new hardware or throw away so called outdated hardware which frankly is the greatest crime as the hardware they are currently using is far from spent so it’s a waste of money and resources. After all look at Apple’s computers they may be expensive but their operating system make better use of the hardware so the hardware last a lot longer so waste less resources in the long run.

I am still of the view we are serviced by a retail industry centred and blinkered to just selling Windows Computers which is doing users, especially Windows xp users, a major disservice at a time when money is short and we should be careful with the use of our resources in general if we want to reduce our pollution footprint on the world.

I will keep saying this until someone out there wakes up to the fact that the best way for Windows xp users is to go towards the Linux root especially with Linux Mint with xfce desktop as it will mean that they can keep their old hardware and a desktop which is very familiar. Add to this an operating system which is as stable and friendly as Windows xp was with the added advantage Linux Mint has little or no security issues of Windows has always had.

This is all from personal experience as I have already converted at least two ex-Windows xp users who are using old hardware to Linux Mint with xfce desktop with a lot of success. One of these people now use the Linux machine over their Windows desktop simply because it is easier to use and actually does what it says on the packet. Much like Windows xp it simply works and the operating system fades into the background where it should be.

I know I keep beating the Linux drum and point out the short comings of Windows but someone has to as currently Windows users are really getting a bad time on the internet in so much they are constantly plagued with malware and viruses even constant update problems something which is not right!

Add to this people think this is perfectly normal experience of the computer and the internet but it not the case contrary to what Microsoft and computer industry want users to believe. But this is not the case as with right operating systems including Apple operating system the internet and computers are meant to be easy to use and not hard work Windows has made it!

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