Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCLXXV

Posted: 26 July, 2014 in Journal, Life

I managed to survive the 7 day run of shifts without getting overly stressed by the long run of shifts but at the end the fatigue and heat within the store did catch me up slightly. It did mean I had a day of feeling light headed and dizzy especially when I bent down to do something.

But at least today I have managed to rest and recuperate so starting to feel a bit better all helped by the weather, especially this evening, being noticeably cooler giving me a chance to feel a lot more comfortable than yesterday.

We did not go shopping today but I did manage to get some chores done and amazingly some blogging done one of the entries I have been thinking about for over a week. Now I am complaining a quiet evening ahead in front of the television watching the crime series on the Quest Channel here.

I know this sounds very mundane and if anything a bit boring but at the moment both are needed as I am coming out of yet another depression as it switches my mind off things which could cause me problems later.

Only downer of the whole week is just how flat work has felt after a storming week before which has disappointed me as it was such good week. Though as per usual I am expecting a lot out of the people around me and sadly as usual they disappoint me. One day I will get over this as I should remember not everyone around me cares about things as much as I do.

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