Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCLXXIV

Posted: 23 July, 2014 in Journal, Life

This week may be a 7 day run of shifts but unlike a few months ago it is now only a minor annoyance which can be worked around rather than moaned at. As I have said before what a change a few months can make especially when I am doing something about my depression yet again.

Work is also going so much better now the depression is not colouring my views of it something a lot of people on certain social web sites and around me missed. In so much I was moaning because of the depression not because of the job which to be frank is still underpaid and it does have a few things I rather not have to deal with but it is a job I can do standing on my head.

One thing I will say I may be good at dealing with people at work but the job itself both intellectually and creativity is not stimulating enough to tax me something I now need in a job which hopefully when I start to feel better I can look for again.

It seams at the moment I have thing for being creative again something which I never regarded myself as because of a lack of confidence and self-esteem which I can put down to my early years of my life at school which knocked it out of me.

But from some people around me and those on a number of social web sites comments it seams I am far more creative than I think I am it a bit rough especially with the writing down of my thoughts but if I continue along this path this will get better with practice.

So life could be taking a new path for me if I want it to but it is now matter of being brave enough to take the plunge to chance for once and for all time!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal scrapbook of mine just follow the link to Patterns in the Static!.

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Please Note: If you are interested in my small social network just follow the link to On the Other Side!.


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