How The Mighty Will Fall!

Posted: 18 July, 2014 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft

All I can say I think we will be seeing the swan song of Microsoft in next few decades as finally it succumbs to it’s own arrogance, lack of innovation and a corporate structure which does not have the ability to change with the changing world around it.

Though I suspect Microsoft will not be only mighty computer company to fall in the next few decades as all have not noticed the rise of likes of the Raspberry Pi Cheap Computer who is exposing both enthusiasts and new generation of computer users to the joys of real computing and just how easy Open Source Software is especially Linux.

But as always Microsoft and it’s associated big computer companies especially in the United States still believe they have the total domination of the computer market with those within industry who are too blind and still have faith in computer software which frankly is showing it’s age, lack of innovation and is the most prone to attack as in Microsoft Windows Operating Systems.

It is now only a matter of time before Microsoft and the like are going to have to change or be left behind to slowly sink into oblivion and obscurity which we are already seeing as the share of Microsoft Software on all devices included tablets has dropped under 20%. Add to this a pressure from governments within Europe, Russia and even China to start to replace the use of Microsoft Windows with Linux especially in government the pressure on Microsoft is only going to get worse over the next decades.

Though in a way Microsoft and associated United States Computer giants are victims of their own corporate structures and strategies which are both geared for profit and not innovation or flexibility plus the fact that NSA spying actives outside of the United States, especially in Europe, has meant that countries now simply do not believe or trust any software generated by the computer giants in the United States now!

If has gone so far in China they are not telling their people not to use computers with Microsoft Windows on and the government has started it’s own development of a Linux which ironically will have government back doors in it.

I suspect we are going to see a major shift in who actually dominates the computer software market over the next few decades as people slowly wake up as people get more exposure to Open Source software in the form of Android and Linux currently all helped by Microsoft’s current batch of Windows which are universally disliked once people actually use them.

But I still suspect the major computer players in computer industry, especially in the United States, will sit in their Ivory Towers in sheer arrogance believe they are still dominating the industry even as things start to fall around them!

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