Sooner a Revolution Comes the Better!

Posted: 12 July, 2014 in Comment, Life, Society

More and more I observe this modern world of ours we have created the more and more I get disillusioned and angry of the world we have all collectively built.

It’s not the utopia we and our forefathers were lead to believe with the advent of new technologies but a hard edged world which glorifiers the individual, triviality and money above anything else. A world where business and making money has pushed aside the basic humanity from the poor who have to do anything to survive to the rich in their ivory towers.

The world we have created for ourselves is no better than it was in Victorian times even the Dark Ages of Europe which massive inequalities, open bigotry and an over class who want to rule an oppressed underclass.

All supported by governments who serve the new over class rather than the people that actually voted them in which the politicians making all the right noises to the electorate but getting ever fatter off the new over class. All supported by media which spread misinformation to blatant lies how bad the world is to scare people into line strangely owned by the new over class.

What is worse the general populous of the world, especially in the West, know this is going on with few vocal few pointing it out but they seam happy or too lazy to do anything as lot of the time they have actually fell for the media’s manipulation. All not helped by this sense of individualism and basic need to survive which means as long as they are all right jack the world can screw itself even if it is at the subtle eroding of their hard won freedoms.

We as a world are coming out of an economic crash caused by the incompetence and criminal mismanagement of the banking systems in the West especially in the United States but have we learn anything from it and have those who caused the problems been punished?

The answer is no they are still in same positions within the Banks, other financial businesses and even in government doing exactly the same as they did before and as rich and powerful as they were before the economic crash they caused. They will create an economic boom which will be a fragile as the last economic boom in the 1990s which because of it’s foundations is almost doomed to end in yet another economic crash this time could be of an even more monumental scale!

Eventually things should not of stayed the same after the economic crash we should as a whole done something as a society to change things as in Iceland those responsible should have been brought to justice and the whole way Western Capitalism worked should have been brought under the spotlight and both reformed and its act cleaned up.

As I said it is getting a time we need to change things as currently our modern world is doomed for collapse in a spectacular way under it’s own weight, apathy and stagnation. What will be left will not be a pleasant world to live in if there is still a world left that is.

All this is a very stark view of the world but it need to be to get people really thing about the world around them before it is too late plus remind them that we can actually do something about it as what has been shown from recent history that normal people can change the world peacefully and without wars.

As I said at the start sooner a revolution comes the better even if this revolution is just a basic change of how we think and view about the world around us as thing have to change befoe it is too late!

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