Microsoft: The Leopard That Will Never Change Its Spots!

Posted: 6 July, 2014 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft

What has gone unreported are the recent actions of Microsoft in the United States where they under the pretence of protecting their users from spam email ceased 23 domains from the dynamic DNS supplier Noip. I suspect those outside of the computer industry and hobbies like myself would not think it was that important to report.

But it should have been reported as Microsoft’s actions caused millions of users of Noip no end of trouble and heart age and accused the likes of myself and Noip of being responsible for the spam on their mail systems. This regardless of the fact Noip I suspect watches it systems very closely and I am totally innocent of such charges.

Add to this the fact that Microsoft thought it had the right to take the domains in the first place smacks in the face of our liberty and freedoms as human beings and civilized society. Just think of what Microsoft did they legally stole the domains which damaged millions of users and business web sites in the process!

They did this without thought of the consequences and with the arrogance of a company which thinks it is still important and big player in the computer industry. Plus it put itself above the basic human rights and freedoms we all have fought for.

We have to ask the question of Microsoft, even if done with the best intentions, what does gave them the right to police the web?

My personal view and observations of Microsoft by attempting to cease these domains rather than actually improve their security they are showing they have lost control of their section of the internet which is now so riddled down to their operating system with viruses and malware to a point users who use their systems now do not get a good experience of the internet any more.

Personally this is just another example of how desperate Microsoft are to remain a big player and regardless of the right noises they make of being more open they still do the same old dodgy and underhand business practices just a little more quietly!

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