It’s Time For Users To Look Beyond Windows!

Posted: 29 June, 2014 in Comment, Computer

I may keep banging this drum but someone has too until someone wakes up to the fact the normal users experience of computers and the internet are being blighted by a constant failure of both Microsoft and associated software creators to deal with major security issues associated with the internet.

This is contrast with other operating systems and software out there which do not give the customers the same negative experience of the internet by simply putting in place or spending time to make their operating systems secure enough to only be effected by minor malware and very rare direct attacks on their computer systems.

Even with the current version of Microsoft Windows 8 which was supposed to be a more secure and stable operating system than the previous versions of Windows, users can find they are once again trapped in a constant cycle of maintenance and security issues which both cost them time and hard earned money which they really need elsewhere.

So my advice to new computer users, those who still use Microsoft Windows xp or those thinking of upgrading their computer is to start to look beyond Microsoft Windows and start to consider alternatives as after all in the long run it will both save you money, time and most importantly make the whole process of dealing with the computer and internet a far pleasant experience..

Such alternatives can depend on how the user uses their computer from more expensive Apples to cheaper Linux based computers even down to a tablet, if the user just wants to surf the internet and collect their email. Basically there are alternatives to Windows Computers out there which are not hard to find any more which can be inexpensive and certainly much more pleasant and easier to use than Windows itself!

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