Just Why Do We Still Define Ourselves By Our Job?

Posted: 23 June, 2014 in Comment, Life, Society

What I still find fascinating people in our modern world still define themselves by their job all made stranger by the fact over our careers, unlike the past, we tend to have number of jobs. It did make more sense in the past as we tended to follow our fathers into their trade and with lack of a surname it made sense to use the person’s trade as a surname to distinguish between people.

But in the modern world, especially with faster and easier communication, and advent of surnames it makes less sense to me why people still define themselves by their trade or job. Though I suspect it’s because in our modern world, due to unnecessary pressures on life put on by governments and corporations, people live to work rather than work to live. That is they put their career and earning of money before themselves and family which has resulted in some problems in the fabric of our society.

Even I have fell into same trap in my 30s to a point work dominated my life at the expense to my personal life and hobbies which ended up with myself living to work rather than working to live.

But in later years, especially when I started to do something about my depression, I started to realise that this was not a healthy thing to do especially in a year I did not work at all because of my depression. I came to the conclusion it was better to define myself as me and the favourite things and interests as they defined me better than my job which has become now a means to earn money rather than my life.

In the end I have been more happier and comfortable with this new definition of myself as it is close to what defines me as my job does not define me any more.

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