When Are People Going to Wake Up to Windows?

Posted: 4 June, 2014 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft, Security

I know I have said this before but it has to be said again as it seams people both users and within the computer industry themselves are not getting it!

When is someone actually going to wake up and do something about the major security issues connected to the Window operating system especially in the domestic environment?

It currently as if the average user thinks it is perfectly normal that they have computer system which is constantly under attack from hackers, criminal and those disenchanted by the establishment itself. All made worse they have to almost yearly spend money to have an expert to clean their machine because yet again it has been effected by malware or viruses yet again!

Now I am not only one who must remember a decades ago when computing and surfing the internet was not an exercise in dodging those sites containing pop-ups or even potential threats to your computer including scammers. It almost as if for Windows users the internet has become a mine field to a point of becoming unusable for the unsuspecting out there.

What makes this whole situation even worse is the inaction of the major computer companies and governments to tackle this situation if anything they seam incapable or willing to do anything about a situation if occurred elsewhere they would be quick to stamp out. After all what is happing is without question is criminal and extracting hard earned money off people.

Then add to this not everyone who surfs the web currently have the same experience there are a whole group of users outside of Windows users who have a completely different experience of the web, one of which is much as it was a decade ago for Window users that is scammer, malware and virus free. I am talking Android, Apple and Linux users who enjoy a virus, malware and scammer free web experience with only the occasional attacks which are always put down quickly, quietly with little real damage to the users experience.

So I must not be only one out there who has to start to question just why does Microsoft and the major computer companies out there are not doing anything to curve the constant attacks on Windows users or even making a real effort to make their experience on the internet better for their users?

After all if other operating system creators can why cannot Microsoft follow suit?

Then the biggest question being just why are governments, especially in the West, not doing anything effective against the so called cybercriminals our there?

This last question sort of makes you think big time!

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