Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCLXII

Posted: 29 May, 2014 in Journal, Life

Today has been one of those frustrating days when I so wanted to be creative but my mind will not focus on anything long enough to actually achieve anything. It sort of becomes counter productive in the end as I push myself harder to produce something and in the end cannot do anything because it’s simply not going to happen!

Other than that today has been a peaceful day doing nothing other than giving our dogs the much needed attention, especially from myself, because of the three 10 hour shifts I’ve done at work which have unsettled the dogs. There is always a hope the dogs will respond to it, especially Ollie, and behave better but what is not helping currently is the insistence of work not giving me, much needed, regular shifts which is causing real problems with Ollie and his behaviour.

But as always in this modern world which gives lip service to saying that they want to give people a good work and life balance and in actual fact always put their profits first before the well being of their employees. In the end it will give me the much needed incentive to find a new job with more regular shift pattern which certainly will solve a lot of our problems at home.

So only one more shift to go before I have two weeks off work when hopefully we can get around to get some much needed work done around the house and beyond. Plus I can start to put out the feelers for a new job locally.

Oh as a final note I just love it when Karma finally visits those people who have been mean and arrogant to others as it did this week.

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