Once Only Fascists Got Me Angry!

Posted: 24 May, 2014 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

Fascists and extreme Right Wingers still get my blood boiling because of their political views and the fact they spread hate over trivial things of race, religion and peoples sexuality.

But now I am starting to grow angrier with conservatives in general, be they the Conservative party or conservatives in the guise of the Labour party here in United Kingdom, because all they seam to want to do is perpetuate a system come establishment which simply does not work for anyone other than those privileged few it serves. All this at the expense of the society and people they claim serve.

In the end all they seem to achieve is a society doomed to suffer the exactly same mistakes again and again rather than a society which moves forward to things new something a growing and vibrant society need to do to simply survives.

What makes me so angry with the conservatives in general even their supporters is their attitude that they are right and none can question their actions as to do so is to go against them. The fact they brand anyone who questions them as a liberal or left wing and try to humiliate and be little them in the hope the people in question go away or give up.

Add to this an almost inbuilt hated and fear of change among the conservatives which is slowly strangling society in question slowing destroying the thing they so strive to keep. Anyone who has even cursory looked at history will know a society which stopped moving is doomed to destroy itself or collapse under it’s own weight.

So in the end it is not only fascist which are making me angry but conservatives in general for very similar reasons!

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