UKIP: The Hollow Gains!

Posted: 23 May, 2014 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

UKIP may of done well in some local council elections here in the United Kingdom and they are crowing about it claiming they are now a serious party but they have really not thought through what has actually happened.

I must not be only one who has caught on to what has actually happened here if you look at the results of the elections in question which has been a resounding comment on the current Conservative/Liberal Democrat Coalition Government and it’s current Labour opposition in Parliament here in the United Kingdom.

Basically the people of the United Kingdom are fed up of the empty policies and politics of all the three major Political Parties over the past decades who have successfully brought a once great nation to it knees politically, economically and even morally.

It is just a sad fact that UKIP was at the right place at the right time to take advantage of this dissatisfaction of the electorate so they may of got voters for various reasons but it was not certainly for their political prowess or the fact they are a real alternative to the major political parties here.

In truth UKIP is really no different to the major three political parties here in so much it’s own policies and politics is as tired and bland as the rest, if anything even more archaic and dated than other political parties. They were just here at the right time to take advantage of a political system which is detached from it’s own electorate to a point they have aliened themselves from them.

There is always a faint hope that the current political establishment wakes up to what has just happened in the local council election here and start to really engage with their voters and supporters again else the likes of UKIP will continue to make gains leading the country into deeper trouble politically!

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