UKIP: The Party We All Love To Hate!

Posted: 18 May, 2014 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

It was not until a leaflet from a group of people actually bothered to put a leaflet through my letter box just how strong a sizeable number of people here in the United Kingdom hate the UK Independence Party or UKIP!

The leaflet was basically telling people not to be used by UKIP in the next European Parliament Elections and point out just what they are which is a far right wing party who only look after the rich that is their own cronies. Any one with some intelligence here in United Kingdom already know this.

Sadly there are still those people in the United Kingdom who think UKIP will win back the independence of the United Kingdom from the European Community regardless to the fact that UKIP is a far right wing party which is openly bigoted and homophobic with policies which will benefit the rich within the United Kingdom at the expense of both the poor and common workers of this country. But they still live under the sad delusion that UKIP will make the United Kingdom great again.

It seams there is a growing anti-UKIP feeling growing in this country with the likes of “Stand Up to UKIP” who are actually bothered to put leaflets through peoples doors which unlike both major political parties and even UKIP itself have not bothered or even made an effort about the European Parliament Elections.

Myself I totally agree with their sentiments as after all UKIP represents everything which is bad about the United Kingdom as they are an extreme right wing party much in the mould of the Tea Party Republican in the Untied States.

Add to this UKIP regardless of what they say are a fascist party as by the very definition they are nationalist and bigoted by very nature with some strange idea that the United Kingdom will fair better by itself in the world. All sounds very familiar to those of us who remember our 20th Century history and the National Socialists of Pre-World War II Germany!

The following is the leaflet in question:
























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