UKIP: The Joke!

Posted: 1 May, 2014 in Comment, Life, Politics, United Kingdom

Normally most sensible people who lived in the real world as most of us do would ignore such minor political parties like the United Kingdom Independence Party, UKINP, here in United Kingdom.

But for some reason both the media and all the major political parties here, including the Liberal Democrats, are actually taking UKIP far too seriously giving them free publicity even if it is to smear them and their party. It is getting to a point it is making both media and major political parties look as bigger fools as the UKIP themselves.

Though I should not be surprised they are scared at the moment not because they are actually afraid of UKIP as seriously the party in question is a joke of a party as they really don’t have any real substance or policies but I suspect it’s more like fact that all the major political parties themselves are trying to hide the fact that they are all jokes themselves.

That is much like UKIP all he political parties have no real connection to the electorate and even their own party members any more add to this their policies even politics are old and tired as the parties themselves. Frankly if the major political parties we as they were some 30 years ago they would not even give the likes of UKIP even a thought.

In conclusion the parties like UKIP are dangerous and need to be watched but currently not electable as there enough sensible people out there to stop them getting anywhere near government.

But what they have really highlighted is the political weakness in all the major political parties here in the United Kingdom who look tired, unimaginative and frankly out of any ideas who as a group seam powerless to change or even do something to change things for the better!

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