Cameron: The Typical Conservative

Posted: 28 April, 2014 in Comment, Government, Life, United Kingdom

Our Prime Minister, Mr David Cameron, is typical Conservative and to be fair MPs of the United Kingdom in so much they really live in the ivory towers of Parliament in Westminster and they have no real understanding of the people that voted them in.

It has recently highlighted by Mr Cameron’s and a number of Conservative MPs remarked that the United Kingdom is a Christian Country which shows a real disconnection to what is actually happened here in the United Kingdom. It also shows a real lack of empathy and understanding of the United Kingdom’s modern society.

Add to this their remarked that Atheist had not made inroads into British Society really shows lack of understanding of Atheist’s in general in so much being an Atheist is a personal choice and unlike Religions has no designs to take the world over or convert the whole of society!

I agree with a growing number of Intellectuals and Writers here who said such remarks made my Mr Cameron and the Conservative party can only have one effect of alienating people and themselves from their electorate even more.

As I said if Mr Cameron and his fellow party members actually came down from their Ivory Towers into real Society here in the United Kingdom will of noticed we now live in a multi-racial and multi-religious society of which Christians and Atheists are one part of this mix.

What the United Kingdom is not is a Christian Country any more but a country which has gone beyond that to a country with a Christian past which has move on towards a more inclusive and tolerant society which accepts a wider range of beliefs and cultures.

This is something the likes of Mr Cameron and his party should be embracing not restating an old fashioned and archaic rhetoric which frankly should have been left in previous Century where it belongs!

But as always it really highlights once again just how far our MPs in Westminster are from their voters almost living in another world from the voters they represent. It shows it is high time we as a society do something about those who govern us before they cause more damage to our democracy and society in general!

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