The Universe Used to be a Simple Place!

Posted: 20 April, 2014 in Comment, Life, Science

I am near the end of Marcus Chown’s book ‘The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead’ which is described as the dispatches from the front line of science. That is it book on the current thinking of Scientist about Cosmology, the nature of the Universe and everything from a quantum to massive scale.

It makes very interesting reading especially when you think in my life time the way Scientist have thought about the Universe from microscopic to macroscopic scale have changed radically from a clear cut idea of Universe full of discreet bodies including Stars, Galaxies and the such which followed clear and well defined laws of Physics and so on to a Universe which is not so well defined because of the influence of Quantum Mechanics which could be part of a multidimensional space containing up to 11 dimensions. Even more strange our Universe could be one of many Universes floating in 5 dimensional space whose very nature looks nothing like the Universe around us!

All this is racially different to the view Scientist had when I was born in 1960s but all very exciting in so much in the new view of the Universe Scientists even have started to question the nature of intelligence, reality, our perception of reality even if we ever met aliens or what happens after we die.

I find all this very exciting and fascinating as it seams Science especially Cosmology has made great strives forward even in a world which has stagnated over the past decades both culturally and socially. If anything it shows just how bloody and single minded Scientist can be even if the world around them is stagnating!

It sort of gives me hope for our future as there are those Scientist out there who are doing pure scientific research into how our Universe works and not just for profit or so called benefit of humanity.

Unlike a growing majority of unenlightened modern people who see no place for such academic research as they do not think it has no relevance to the so called real world around them, I actually see it’s importance. In so much where did these people think have the technology they use everyday came from?

Not from purely research dome for profit as in the modern world but from pure academic research which happen to discover things which we have found useful.

It’s a shame our modern world is so blind to such things and only puts profit and money first and if it continues in this vain we will lose so much wonder of the world around us!

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