Depression: The Sneak Thief!

Posted: 18 April, 2014 in Comment, depression, Life

At the moment life in the new house is going better than we expected though still a little difficult because of the fact we have moved home with all the upheavals that causes. There are always a number of niggling problems which are far from insurmountable and with a little work will be eventually solved but life is finally more settled for everyone in the new house.

But my depression currently is making feel as if everything is wrong and the problems are major ones which are going bring us down. On top of which I am starting to worry about things which may or may not happen as if I am almost willing something bad to happen to bring everything crashing to the ground again.

It not to say that will not happen as we have no real control over such things but someone who is not suffering depression would not worry about such things because they have no real control over it.

My depression currently is being a sneak thief taking those positive and settled feelings I should have about where I am currently in my life in so much we are finally living within our means and we finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

All it leaves in it’s place is feelings of worry and anxiety over things which I have no real need to worry about, sometimes depression can be a difficult thing to live with!

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