The Modern World: A Paradise for Closed Minds!

Posted: 17 April, 2014 in Comment, Life, Society

As I have gone through my life so far I have seen a great change in the world around me, this may be because I am growing older but I suspect it is more that our world has changed!

I have said before that our modern world now is a paradise and pitched towards a stupid populous rules by a few of slightly less stupid people but it is far worse than this as these people are closed minded to a point of being fearful of anything that is new.

It shows in the every day politics and religions of the world especially in the West which are now dominated by those who are conservative by nature who look backward to values which were even archaic decades ago. Such views including the sanctity of marriage, openly anti-homosexual and even extreme nationalism as shown in Eastern Ukraine recently by so called Pro-Russian Activists.

In the end our world around us is getting more closed minded and conservative to a point at some point it will stagnate and collapse much as the Roman Empire did in it’s time.

Those of us who are still open minded, passionate for change and the such should start to push the world forward again before it is too late!

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