Using Open Source Has Become a Statement!

Posted: 4 April, 2014 in Comment, Computer, Open Source

At the start I used Open Source software because it was free and allowed me to use older hardware which would have been thrown away if I had gone down the Windows and Commercial Software way.

But now it is becoming more and more of a statement to the world by myself in so much I refuse to pay the inflated and unnecessary costs charged by the big Computer Corporations for operating systems and software which the large majority of the time simply do not do their jobs well or so full of annoying bugs and security flaws to make their use difficult!

Of cause this is all helped by the fact as I, and others like myself, have started to use Open Source more and more the quality of Open Source operating systems and software has come on leap and bounds in past decade certainly outstripping their commercial equivalents in quality, stability and more importantly usability.

I am now also start to see Open Source also as a political statement on my part in so much I use software which is created by the people for the people rather than depending on the Computer Giants who have tried to dictate what the average user used on their computers. The biggest example of this being Microsoft rewriting of the bios on computers to only allow their operating systems on computer hardware, something which frankly much like Windows 8 has not really been that effective to stem the rise of Open Source.

I now use Open Source both because it is better than most commercial software and to stick two fingers up at the likes of Apple, Microsoft and even Google!

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