Almost Mind Blowing in Its Simplicity!

Posted: 4 April, 2014 in Comment, Life

As I have said before reading is a very dangerous thing myself reading as it gets me thinking again about things beyond the more trivial matters of my life.

I am currently reading ‘The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead’ by Marcus Chown which is to with modern ideas of Cosmology which I have to point out almost almost sounds like Science Fiction especially that of the 20th Century.

I have got to the part of the book talking of the work and ideas of one Stephen Wolfram which in itself is a bit mind blowing in what is suggesting. Basically what he is postulating behind the Universe itself is a very simple and small computer program on top of which he also postulates that intelligence per say is not unique to humans as such.

The final thing is the most controversial much like Darwin’s ideas of theory of Evolution as once again it means our intelligence is not unique to us which in a world centred very much ourselves is a revelation in itself.

But Stephen Wolfram’s idea that the Universe is the result of a very simple computer program fascinates me because of it’s elegance and the fact whole complexity of the Universe is created by something so simple. This is the mind blowing to myself especially as a programmer.

At first his ideas sound a little strange almost disconnected with the reality we see around us but his work and ideas have resulted in his idea of the Universe has produced equations which matched some of those postulated around gravity and the such.

Myself I really find this idea very engaging because of it’s simplicity and elegance plus it is one of many interesting ideas around Cosmology. It shows that Cosmology and Science around the Universe itself as such have been making big leap and bounds in the background since I took my degree in Physics and Astrophysics.

All this reminds me why I found Physics and Science fascinating in the first place in so much it fires my imagination and curiosity about the world around me. Something I have not lost even as I’ve got older just trying to make living just distracted me from following it as we all do.

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